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Human Performance

Physical, mental and emotional fitness are a triad that all complement and serve each other; without one, the other two are weakened. Strengthen your triad here.

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“A Warfighter without a goal, is a dead Warfighter”

a military member or veteran without something to strive for feels lost, unimportant, unsuccessful, like they are not contributing and ultimately end up on the constant quest to fill the void if not channeled forward. Conversely, if given a goal, the Warfighter will do everything in his or her power to excel and vector for the best.

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An Update For You!

Please note: is now Please update your bookmarks accordingly because, boy, will this site be better! (At least that’s my intention). More to come…!

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Spotting And Developing Talent (Interview)

An Interview With Jason Lewis On Spotting And Developing Talent

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Desirable Difficulties And Compensation Learning

In Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath, he posits two opposing interpretations of entrepreneurial success: that the aforementioned entrepreneurs are successful despite their dyslexia (i.e. they were born as smart, innovative, with leadership qualities) OR that they are successful because of their disability.

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3 Fundamentals Of Better Business Performance

The challenge of staying relevant in business increases every day. Greater accessibility to information sharing through websites such as Ideas Watch and New Startups makes it easier for entrepreneurs and companies with the next best idea to (potentially) revolutionize the industry and make your product obsolete. So how do you stay competitive?

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Build The Habits You Want

Anthony Trollope produced 47 novels and 16 other books by following an unvarying early-morning writing session for just three hours a day. He was at his table, ready to write by 5:30 a.m. with the goal to produce 250 words every 15 minutes. He believed that three hours a day was sufficient for any writer who had a strong, steady focus. There are a number of takeaways from Trollope’s routine that can help you build the habits you want.

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