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Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 5.56.48 PMEDTI’m a Navy veteran, CrossLeader, and fitness enthusiast interested in sharing the takeaways from my former career in the ‘Teams regarding leadership, creativity, and controlled chaos and applying them to every day life to make you better. Read more at my Entrepreneur and Forbes contributor columns. More about that later.

Navigating Chaos Book Cover

You can also now pre-order my book that will be released in early 2015. More details (and an inside sneak-peak) to come!




Here’s what you’ll get from my website:

Leadership Articles

  • Leadership articles highlighting current trends and challenges
  • Lessons learned from personal experiences in special warfare and business


  • Ways to maximize your health while on the road, in the office, and everywhere in between
  • Strategies to improve individual and organizational fitness
  • The performance practices that help people, teams, and organizations become better, such as productivity, prioritization, and time management

Learning & Adaptability

  • Learn how to build new habits and optimize your routine
  • Personal improvement stories and techniques to help you navigate change and uncertainty


  • Performance coaching
  • Speaking services



Additionally, you’ll get the best of sarcasm, wit (or lack thereof), and some pretty cool pictures (if I may say so myself) gained from fellow teammates that I use as inspiration for each story.



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