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#22: 4 Leadership Lessons from the SEAL Teams That Are Fundamental To Business and Everyday Life

In today’s episode, Jeff Boss shares four key leadership lessons from SEAL teams that are fundamental to business and everyday life.

As an entrepreneur myself, there are a ton of lessons learned that I can share with you. However, today I want to dive into a few key leadership lessons I’ve learned from the SEALs and how they apply not just to entrepreneurs, but to business. I get asked the same question all the time; “Do you miss it?” The short answer is “no”. You reach a point in your career where you’ve done enough in your job that it eventually just gets boring. For me, the SEALs got boring and I wanted to apply what we learned and how we operated to business teams to that they can operate in the same success. I knew the parallels were there, it was really just a matter of semantics. We all define success differently, but the means by which we go about succeeding remains the same.  Like SEALs, entrepreneurs are not really average people. Therefore the skills learned from working in a small team within a larger organizational context are seamlessly transferable.


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Hear the key leadership lessons from SEAL teams and how to apply it to business.
  • Learn how to identify the point in your career where you know you need to move on.
  • Stepping out as an entrepreneurs requires courage and a clear definition of your “why”.
  • Why remaining competitive is a daily battle again complacency.
  • Understand why if you fail to live up to your purpose as a leader, you also risk failing to lead.
  • How testing yourself daily helps you maintain that competitive edge.
  • Why the biggest battle is the battle with yourself and your comfort zone.
  • Learn the benefits of exercise for your brain and how it can build mental fortitude.
  • Hear the BUD/S strategy and plan for when encountering a shark during swim practice.
  • Understand why being great at anything is not for the faint of heart.



“If you’re like me, you choose to zig because everyone else zags.” — @JeffBoss9[0:02:35.0]


“Failure is only determined by when and where you choose to stop.” — @JeffBoss9[0:05:19.0]


“It’s much easier to keep momentum than it is to create it.” — @JeffBoss9 [0:07:53.0]


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