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#71 Interview with Adam Witty, Founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group on being a Growth CEO (Great Episode!)

Today is a great interview with Adam Witty, founder, and CEO of Advantage Media Group which helps busy professionals and their business become the authority in their field.

Adam has a PLETHORA of great leadership insight that you don't want to miss. Whether you're an entrepreneur, an aspiring entrepreneur, a business or organizational leader, the insights and lessons that Adam shares are universal and incredibly valuable.


Show Notes

Adam shares two ways to grow a business 8:23
Adam reveals the ROI of becoming an authority marketer 11:20
The one thing Adam tells people about starting a business 19:52
Why relevance demands adaptability 23:37
Why the business of teams isn't just reserved for the military 27:15
The mindset and behaviors Adam looks for in high performers 27:42
Hear Adam's next "big" learning goal 32:19
Adam breaks down company growth into different stages and identifies the optimal areas of focus depending on your growth stage 38:23
Hear the biggest transformation Adam's made as a growth CEO 40:30
Hear how Advantage Media Group ensures the message sent is the message received within the company 42:45
The power of alignment 44:50
If you want or plan to be a CEO (or any leader for that matter), don't miss what Adam shares at 49:59

Links Mentioned In Show

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