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#80 Interview with Ben Midgley, CEO Crunch Franchise on Growth and Leadership

Today's interview is with Ben Midgley, CEO and founding partner of Crunch Franchise.

In only 7 years Crunch Franchise has one of the largest member bases in the worldwide fitness industry with clubs in 23 states, Puerto Rico and 4 countries.

Crunch Franchise is also #88 on the Entrepreneur 500 Franchise rankings, an Entrepreneur Hottest Franchise to Own, Entrepreneur Top Global Franchise and a 6-year recipient of the FBR 50 Franchisee Satisfaction Award.


Today is a great conversation with Ben, which will cover the following:

  • Hear what compelled Ben to start Crunch Franchise 1:17
  • Ben shares the setbacks he experienced and how confidence played a key role in focusing on his next move 5:00
  • Hear about "the confidence factor" 5:54
  • Ben talks about his current challenges 8:53
  • Ben reveals Crunch franchise's competitive advantage  10:12
  • How to establish a culture of candor 13:04
  • Learn Ben's selection criteria for franchise owners (hint: not everybody is accepted) 15:39
  • Advantages and disadvantages of owning a franchise 17:12
  • Hear just how competitive the fitness industry is and how
  • Crunch franchise navigates it to STAY competitive 24:29
  • Ben shares his workout routine 29:55
  • Hear Ben's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs 31:54
  • Ben shares his heroes 33:57

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