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#81 Interview with Steven Blue, Author and CEO Miller Ingenuity On Turning Small Companies Into Global Behemoths

Steven Blue, CEO of Miller Ingenuity and author of Mastering the Art of Success, co-authored with Best-Selling Author® Jack Canfield, founder of the life-changing Chicken Soup for the Soul® book series.

Steve is President and CEO of Miller Ingenuity, a global supplier of high technology systems that protect assets, preserve the environment, and save lives. He is an internationally recognized business transformation expert whose keynote speeches have shown many c-suite executives how to maximize their company's Innovational Potential™ and double or even quadruple their company’s growth. Steve is a published author of four books, including American Manufacturing 2.0: What Went Wrong and How to Make it Right and his latest Mastering the Art of Success, now a best seller.

Bringing together advice from experts across the globe, Blue aims to educate C-level executives on effective ways to take the reins and explode their company’s growth. 

Hear the strategic experience and proven methods of years of experience from professionals in various fields and time-tested systems and insights on business, marketing, and motivation that you cannot find anywhere else.

“No matter what line of work you are in, the marketplace and the changes it brings challenges you. Even if you are the savviest and skilled entrepreneur, you risk losing ground if you don’t continually push forward and out innovate your competition. I am honored for the opportunity to co-author and contribute my expertise to Jack Canfield’s latest book.” - Steven Blue

A globally renowned expert in business transformation, Blue is recognized for his article contributions, keynote speeches, and media engagements that focus on reconstructing company cultures through expanding work forces and adopting innovative strategies. Throughout his years as the President and CEO of Miller Ingenuity, which is a rail safety product manufacturer, Blue has utilized mass rebranding, powerful negotiation, and intensive employee training to take his business to new heights.


Show Notes

  • Hear how Steven started his path to CEO 1:05
  • Where Steven starts in sleepy little rust belt companies and turns them into global behemoths 2:24
  • The one thing clients need to be convinced about before beginning any change process 4:33
  • What people really want to hear when they're looking for change 6:28
  • Steven talks about setting the environment for innovation to occur 7:19
  • Steven explains how his company uses self-organizing teams to drive performance 10:40
  • Hear how Miller Ingenuity screens for talent 11:09
  • Hear what happens when employees violate company values 12:20
  • Steven describes what "innovating" actually looks like 14:05
  • Steven talks about lessons from his current book, Mastering the Art of Success, that he hadn't learned before 16:22
  • Hear Steven's definition of "chaos" 18:24
  • Steven's heroes 19:38

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