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#91 Interview with Marcus Capone, Former Navy SEAL and star of History Channel's The Selection

Marcus Capone is founder and CEO of The Vindex Group, an integrated physical and cyber security firm that provides close protection, social media Intelligence and Investigations, and mission support to clients to stay ahead of the cyber- and physical-threat curves.


He's also one of the stars of the History Channel's The Selection, a former 13-year Navy SEAL, and one of my best friends.


Today, Marcus and I talk about:

  • Marcus's favorite BUD/S story 1:45
  • Marcu's journey from BUD/S 3:42
  • What you see as a BUD/S instructor that you don't as a student 9:42
  • The business world disappointment 16:20
  • History Channe's 'The Selection' 20:06
  • Why you should pray for a hard life 29:52
  • Why Marcus started The Vindex Group 40:00
  • Next steps for Marcus 52:10
  • Why it's okay not to have heroes 53:37


History Channel's The Selection

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