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#92 How To Build A Loyalist Team

Today's episode is a two-person interview with founders and authors, Linda Adams and Audrey Epstein of The Trispective Group. Their recent book The Loyalist Team is a great book that you can use to diagnose the type of team you're on and why doing so is imperative to better business performance. 


Show Notes

  • Audrey and Linda talk about their team-based business model 2:33
  • Where to begin when people focus only on themselves 5:30
  • Incentives, performance and why you must incentivize the team not just individuals 6:15
  • The 'why' for The Loyalist Team 7:07
  • Hear about The Trispective Group and how they approach teams 8:05
  • Common team challenges 8:50
  • Why your high school sports team shouldn't be the last "great team" you were a part of 13:45
  • Why high performing teams isn't relegated to just the military 15:30
  • Listen to what Linda and Audrey would recommend to a newly promoted manager responsible for a new team 17:46
  • The obstruction of ego 20:25
  • Hear about the 4 types of teams 25:16
  • How to diagnose your team type 28:07
  • Heroes 33:33


The Loyalist Team book on Amazon

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