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#93 America's #1 Opportunity Coach and former 9 Year NFL Wide Receiver, Speaker and Author JJ Birden on Finding Opportunity Where Others See Chaos

JJ Birden is America's #1 Opportunity Trainer who is also a 9-year former NFL wide receiver not to mention author of When Opportunity Knocks which you can learn more about at He's also a tremendous speaker who shares an inspiring and motivational message which we'll get into more in this episode.

Show Notes

  • JJ shares his real professional aspirations (which were not to play in the NFL) 4:33
  • JJ shares his outlook on finding opportunity where others see chaos 6:43
  • How JJ empowers others to share a similar mentality 7:43
  • Common challenges JJ sees that holds people back from achieving the results they want  9:45
  • If you want to hear about [good] chaos, this is it (JJ talks about his family of 10) 12:54
  • When Opportunity Knocks 16:07
  • JJ talks about the writing process 18:43
  • How JJ identifies opportunities as opportunistic in the moment 22:04
  • "Doing the work" to become a "high performer" 27:27
  • What challenges JJ now? Find out at 31:29
  • "Sometimes you need to borrow other people's belief in you until you believe in yourself" 32:52


"The body's gonna do what the mind tells it to do" (click to tweet)

"You see the glory but you don't know the story" (click to tweet)

Links Mentioned In Show

When Opportunity Knocks on Amazon

Twitter @jjbirden 


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