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#94 Interview with Tim Paul on Millennial Leadership

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Tim is an active duty Naval Surface Warfare Officer dedicated to sharing his distinct military leadership experience while also sharing the stories of today's greatest business, military, and sports leaders.

He's the host of the Leadership Strike Group podcast where he talks with Generation Y leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs across a wide array of today’s leading industries like tech, energy, healthcare, finance, retail, and military, to chronicle their stories and uncover their tactics of influence that are critical for getting ahead and generating unrivaled team success.

In today's show:

  • Tim describes the "thank you" economy 2:50
  • Resilience. Pure and simple. 5:19
  • Why negative emotions aren't yours 7:40
  • The Leadership Strike Group 13:00
  • 3 legacy lessons Tim wants to share 16:40
  • Tim shares how he learned to govern his choices 19:20
  • Visualizing success 24:32
  • Current day challenges 29:55
  • Tim shares the best career advice he's ever received 38:57
  • Heroes 40:58


Leadership Strike Group Podcast



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