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Training For The Unknown: Interview with Former Army Ranger, Leadership Consultant and Author, JC Glick

JC Glick is a thought leader. He's been featured and/or written for numerous outlets (links below) for his innovative approach to leadership development. In today's episode, you'll hear exactly why he's a thought leader and what you can take away from his experiences and insights and apply to yourself, your team and your company.

Specifically, you'll learn the difference between capacity and capability, as well as:

  • The difference between setting intent and setting a mission directive {9:20}
  • How leaders can shift their mindset from valuing "things" to valuing the people that make those things {19:46}
  • The number one obstacle that prevents people from acting on their intentions {25:26}
  • Why companies and sports teams aren't prepared for the unknown and what they should do {18:24}
  • The Prodromos Model and how to apply it for leadership development amidst uncertainty {30:15}
  • A visual description of the Prodromos Model {37:42}

Links to JC's thought leadership articles:

"Companies aren't prepared for what may happen, they're prepared for what they believe will happen" (click to tweet


Links Mentioned In Show

His book: Light In The Darkness: Leadership Development For The Unknown


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