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"Awesome. Makes me even feel luckier to be an American."

John Ensign
Former Senator, Nevada

"I listen to you every morning to start the day right! Today's mission: clarity in all things! Keep on working magic!"

via Instagram

"Wow what a great podcast by Athlete Network Influencer Jeff Boss. Jeff takes his 13 years as a NAVY SEAL and cross pollinates it to business. Episode 2 is a must listen to. Jeff talks about his journey to become a SEAL, the challenges of Hell Week, what it’s like to jump without your parachute opening, and what it was like to get shot, TWICE!!!!

Do yourself a favor and listen to this great Podcast."

Chris Smith
CEO, Athlete Network

"This has quickly become my favorite podcast. Jeff is an engaging storyteller that distills years of front-line experience and education into clear, easy-to-understand statements that are wise, insightful and actionable. Chaos Cast is an excellent resource that delivers a tremendous return on time invested."

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How You See The Problem,

Might Just Be The Problem

Everything you want to know about leadership, teamwork and mindset from incredible thought leaders. 

"Wow! Jeff Boss delivers a sensational new brand of coaching predicated on his wisdom and experiences gleaned from 13 years of Navy SEAL service. His succinct content and calm delivery make his messages sink in, penetrating think skulls like my own. It's crazy that advice this worthwhile is free. Share it with your friends so he can grow his reach!" - Junejournalist, iTunes

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The Chaos Cast will be coming to an end BUT a new show will be airing soon and it will circle solely around teams (shhh, it's a secret).

Be the first to know when the new show will be released AND submit special requests to tailor it to your interests.


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The Chaos Cast is coming to an end BUT a new show will be airing soon! (Shhh, it's a secret)

Be the first to know when the new show will be released AND submit special requests to tailor it to your interests.