Are You Tired Of Complacency?Tired Of Mediocrity?

Nothing worthwhile comes out of being average. To move from ordinary to extra-ordinary - in anything - requires the skill to execute and the will to do so. Every lesson here offers you the perspective you need to win at work and in life. Start leading by starting with your self. 

I'm Not Gonna Lie, My Experiences Have Been Anything But Normal...

But that's just it.

It's not circumstance that defines you - it's your response to it. 

Stop wanting and start doing. 

My weekly lessons will show you exactly how. 

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Podcast Host & Speaker

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Former Navy SEAL

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What People Think

The wisdom of this "special ops" warrior is a must read. Regardless of your profession, Jeff Boss captures his life lessons from the most elite military training and combat experiences to inform character development and action in our everyday lives.  

Bob S., Former Chairman/CEO/President

It’s leaders like yourself who always help to drive out the hindrance of any complacency that sneaks in so quietly. I truly appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Ryan C., Manager, Healthcare

The learning’s that Jeff shares from his SEAL days are lessons that are easily transferable to business and to life in general. We immediately implemented After Action Reviews (AARs) into our business process and a “Better not Best” attitude into our team culture. His humble and human style makes him approachable and engaging, he literally had us hanging on every word. I would strongly recommend Jeff Boss to any organization that is looking for an inspiring leader to motivate a team and give no-nonsense direction on how to develop quickly.

Bill S., Area VP, ResMed

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