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#85 Interview with Michael Nova of RiseUpEight on Expecting Adversity

Michael Nova’s story is one of pure persistence. Traveling along a long and winding road of misadventures, he found that this road itself was where the magic was happening. He learned that it wasn’t what was happening to him that was important, but his reactions to the circumstances that mattered. HIs reactions were what led him to found and create Rise Up Eight. 

Show Notes


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Michael talks about why adversity is inspiring1:55

Michael shares how long it took him to change his thinking 13:22

How to choose your emotion 17:20

Why visualization makes "it" real 23:10

How Michael used diet, exercise, rest, and recovery to get back on track after a misdiagnosis 30:55

Michael talks about "doing the work" but doing the right kind of work 37:42

Learn what motivates Michael now 40:36

Hear who Michael considers his heroes 43:31

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