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#87 Train your mind or fall behind. An interview with Dr Bhrett McCabe, Clinical and Sports Psychologist and Author of The Mindside Manifesto

"If you're not training your mind, you're falling behind." - Dr Bhrett McCabe


Bhrett McCabe is the founder of The MindSide and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist holding a PhD degree in clinical psychology from Louisiana State University (LSU).


He's a practicing Sports & Performance Psychologist who works with athletes from the PGA and LPGA Tours, NFL, NBA, MMA, and serves as the sports and performance psychologist for the University of Alabama Athletic Department.


Dr. McCabe is also the author of The MindSide Manifesto: The Urgency to Create a Competitive Mindset which helps athletes, coaches, and leaders compete to the best of their ability.


Dr. McCabe has published several academic journal articles, presented numerous scientific presentations and provided insight and authored articles for trade magazines such as GOLF Magazine, Golf World, Golf Week, and ESPNW, among others. Dr. McCabe has also made several appearances on The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive and The Golf Fix.


Show Notes

  • Bhrett's path into sports and performance psychology 3:05
  • Common mental roadblocks Bhrett sees in golf and other sports 10:02
  • Learn about Bhrett's coaching style and how he coaches elite athletes 12:16
  • Bhrett talks about capability vs. capacity 15:15 (listen to episode # with JC Glick where we discuss the same)
  • Hear the discussion on the mental aspect of BUD/S (SEAL training) 19:30
  • How purpose applies to everyday business 20:46
  • Bhrett shares how he challenges himself today 22:36
  • Principles to fall back on when you're in "chaos" or facing uncertainty 29:20
  • Hear the definition of mental toughness 31:50
  • Bhrett talks about group and team coaching for mental performance 33:36
  • How to get full member participation on a team during AARs 38:50
  • Learn about the Mindside Manifesto and the importance of having your own clear manifesto or credo 46:26
  • Hear about the worst moment during BUD/S 51:20
  • Where to start with teams have a division in trust 42:45
  • Bhrett asks me about my journey into leadership 55:04

Be sure to listen for how you can receive a FREE COPY of The Mindside Manifesto!


"Capacity is meeting the demand of the moment." - Dr Bhrett McCabe


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Book mentioned: Creativity Inc


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