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#88 Interview with Sacha Lindekens, Author and Leadership Coach, on How Leaders Improve


Leadership isn't about always about having the best answers but about helping others get "ripe" on the front end.

Today's guest is Sacha Lindekens, author and global leadership coach. Sacha has a M.Ed. in counseling psychology from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Florida which he uses to advise organizations on strategies to attract, develop and retain top talent and works with leaders to maximize their individual and team effectiveness. 

If you're in the leadership development space or interested in growing yourself and the people around you, listen to this episode.

 Watch the video interview

Show Notes

Common challenges and trends for individuals and teams in how they improve (or don't) 2:01
What holds leaders back 3:44
Sacha talks about "leadership ripeness" 5:11
Sacha shares a compelling story about how he identified "leadership ripeness" and how you can too 9:47
How to use R.I.P.E.N to grow your leaders and your leadership 15:15
How you can determine your own leadership ripeness 24:33
Why focusing only on strengths is limiting 25:27
The one practice that most improved leaders exhibit 27:40

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