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How Teams SHOULD Work Together


Here's how teams should work together.

When Elite Teams face a challenge, their members say:

  • “Hell yeah. Let’s do this.”
  • "Bring it."
  • "This is why I came here!"

Elite Teams are nervous before their next project launch but each member looks to the people they’re surrounded with and says, "Let's crush this."

Elite Teams anticipate the challenge rather than dread it. They're in "flow" because they're operating at such a high level and have a deep satisfaction when the team wins together

This is when you don’t want to leave work because it’s not “work,” it’s your purpose and your passion, and it’s why your team is elite.

This isn’t to say that every project is the "best project ever," but Elite Teams certainly know how to function at an elite level, stop having worthless conversations, and optimize the talent they have.

When I started off in the SEALs, it was about me. It was about how I wanted to be a SEAL, how I could achieve my goals of becoming a member of an elite community.

But through incredible life experiences--all centered around a team--I learned something. I learned that it wasn’t about me, it was about we. I went from bullshit to elite myself as a result of being in an environment that set the conditions for us to win as a team.

The biggest lessons in my life have come through teams. I literally would not be alive today had it not been for the team I was a part of.

This is what compels me to help teams go from bullshit to elite because there are too many people out there who don't understand how to work together--and they’re not better off because of it.

There are too many organizations who preach collaboration and teamwork but don’t live it.

I see the cost of this at an existential level when people don't identify with being part of a team:

  • They lack purpose...
  • They lack belonging...
  • They’re not fulfilled at work...

...which means they, and the company, suffer.

When I look back on my life today, there’s nothing I wouldn’t repeat. Nothing. I’m proud of who I am, the team I was a part of, and the people I worked with. Not many people can say that--and that’s no way to live.

The fact is, operating at an elite level is possible, and not just for the military. Businesses can too, it just takes a willingness to do so.


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