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What The Chaos Cast Is About

I want to set expectations right from the get-go about what this show is about and what it's not.

This podcast is about lessons from chaos, where "chaos" is defined as unplanned, unpredicted and sometimes unwanted change. It's about informing and sharing with you--the listener--the experiences, behaviors and mindsets that have enabled not only myself but others to navigate their own "chaos"--and win.

The show explores all aspects of chaos because, well, chaos exists in all aspects of life:

Individual Chaos

  • The self defeating beliefs, negative self-talk, lack of discipline, uncertainty about oneself, unclear purpose or direction in life, and building mental toughness. Whether you're an entrepreneur or simply looking for your next "move," everybody faces some degree of chaos in their life.

Team Chaos

  • The chaos that exists in a team--whether it's a business team or sports team--of managing difficult personalities, getting on the same page, holding each other accountable, creating a psychologically safe team environment, building trust between members.

Organizational Chaos

  • Navigating messy politics, aligning different business silos toward a shared purpose, creating a shared definition of success, leadership and self-leadership.

More than anything, the Chaos Cast is about exploring the mindsets and best-yet practices (because nothing is "the best") that enable "greatness" in life.

It's about getting from where you are to where you want to be, as an individual, as a team or as an organization, and enjoying the ride because that's what life's about--identifying what you want, outlining a strategy to get there and kicking ass along the way.

What The Chaos Cast Is Not About

This show is not about all the awesome killer missions I've been on as a SEAL. If you want to hear about SEAL shit, there are plenty of other sources out there. 

Having said that, I will share lessons FROM my SEAL experience because, after all, I did spend 13 fucking years there, though so why wouldn't I? They were formative experiences and the lessons and takeaways from operating at such an elite level apply universally to people, teams and companies everywhere.


If you're looking for some "hoo-rah," high octane shit to make yourself feel better, this isn't it.

You can listen to previous episodes below.