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I take what I learned about teams from an elite level in military special operations and apply it to civilian companies.

While there's no such thing as a "copy and paste" solution that works for everybody, there is such a thing as setting the conditions for excellence, which I share in the 3-part video series below.


 Random Fun Facts About Team Performance

  • 60% of a team's success can be traced to the foundation upon which that team is built
  • 30% comes from how the team is launched 
  • 10% comes from ongoing team coaching

What I've found since leaving the military and working with civilian companies to build what I call "Bulletproof Teams" is this:

While different people, different companies, and different industries all define success differently, the means by which they go about succeeding are always the same.

There's always a team.

But the teams I see in corporate America today aren't really teams--they're groups of individuals sharing the same space. There's a "me before we" mindset. There's no meaning in their work. There's no belonging. And then leaders wonder why turnover is high or why they can't attract or retain top talent. 

Business is based on relationships, and strong relationships are strong teams.

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