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#97 David Bergeron, President and Managing Director of T3 Advisors on How Experiences Lead To Belief Which Leads To Value

David Bergeron is Managing Director of T3 Advisors which is the only one real estate firm in the country completely dedicated to one client: the entrepreneur.

He's also President of T3 West and today, he sheds a wealth of insight into not so much commercial real estate but the lessons in workplace culture, leadership, and teamwork that have allowed T3 Advisors to become one of the most reputable and corporate real estate companies in Silicon Valley.

Show Notes

  • Why experiences lead to belief which lead to value 1:15
  • The fear (and value) of narrowing your niche 2:59
  • Leadership lessons from starting one of the most reputable and corporate real estate companies in Silicon Valley 5:38
  • Do people really do business with others whom they "like, know, and trust?" Find out at 8:00
  • How tech companies deal with rapid growth 10:30
  • How T3 creates a culture of teamwork 13:49
  • What holds leaders back from incentivizing their people as teams rather than individuals 16:25
  • David's answer to the question, "What do we do with that one person who just 'isn't motivated?'"  (and how to apply the principle of reciprocity for greater influence) 19:44
  • Current trends and industry changes that impact how T3 (and other companies) conduct business 24:17
  • Heroes 27:37


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